Souhail Kaspar | Near East Music

About Souhail as a teacher

"... I really just want to explain why I invite Seido and Souhail here on a regular basis, and why they represent the basis of the darbuka program Cheryl envision for our area, for the benefit of drummers and dancers who wish to take advantage of these great opportunities. --you know, not really the blurb you get from a flyer, but the real heartfelt story about why these two men are so important-- the side of the story you don't often hear.

First, Souhail has perfect tone and totally clean execution-- he is a Master of classical tabla technique from the top schools in the Mideast. Learning Souhail's technique can enhance and improve any darbuka student's style of playing, whether it Mideast, Balkan, Greek, Armenian, Macedonian, or even the Turkish Rromani (gypsy) darbuka technique.

Next, Souhail is the absolute BEST (and patient :) teacher I have ever found. On the west coast he has a HUGE following, and his classes are large. He IS the foundation of the drum program at the Mendo Mideast camp. Our real concept in bringing him is to do it several times a year as kind of an "ongoing education program," with a regular base of students (like myself) who want the opportunity to study with a world-class Master, and want to continue to improve with each subsequent visit.

Besides being the consumate teacher, he is a dancer's drummer, who can make any dancer look great (so gently encourage the drummers in your life to learn from him :) There is just Nobody who can do those perfect, classical drum solos all night long to the joy of dancers and the delight of the audience--and the "feel" of these classical solos varies widely. Unbelievable!

One reason for why audiences love him, apart from that crisp, classical technique, is that his father always told him that it was not enough to be the best technician, one should be the best PERFORMER! This is perhaps the most overlooked, yet most Important concept, a drummer can learn. Ok, its a really tought concept for an extremely shy, old-timer like me, but great for the rest of you.

Dale Hall and I sat in on Souhails beginner class this past year, he really takes time to focus on your execution, and he makes it happen for you. After that one "beginner" lesson, our playing was cleaner than it ever has been.

So, we keep bringing Souhail not for economic, marketing-type reasons ( its expensive to bring him from CA). I can only hope that players in this area begin to understand what an incredible resource he is. I wish I had this when I was starting out.